GLUE biz discussion face to face in MEETLIN GROUP.

On 11TH SEP., four customers visited our company. Mr. Lin, the chairman of our company, and the relevant staff of the glue department warmly received them. The main purpose of the visit was to find out more about our super glue and super glue gel, so there was a lively discussion around them. Sales manager Ms. Wang had a pleasant negotiation with the customer, during which the customer raised many questions about the product and they were finally solved. At the same time, she also made reasonable suggestions to help customers learn more about our products. After the negotiation, the customer was very satisfied with her professionalism and integrity and hoped to have further business cooperation with us.


Coinciding with the opening of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, customers also came to visit the West Lake Scenic Area. They all lamented that China is developing so fast, and Hangzhou is developing so fast, which is completely different from when they came 10 years ago.

Post time: 2023-09-14 15:42:11
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