Cyanoacrylate Glue Curing Process

Curing is an important process for all types of glue and should be considered when choosing the right type of glue for a particular application.


Broadly speaking, curing is the process by which a chemical reaction occurs to form a harder, stronger joint in a chemical substance. For some materials, this process only occurs at specific temperatures or humidity levels. For glues, curing can be facilitated by radiation, heat, humidity or UV light.


As mentioned above, the curing of cyanoacrylate glues can be promoted by the presence of humidity and can cure almost immediately at ambient temperatures. The bond formed during curing is also very hard, hence the term "super (strong) glue".


What affects curing time of glue?


Glue quality, temperature, humidity and stress are the main factors that effects the rate of reaction of a curing adhesive. For example, a general rule is every 10°C increase in temperature reduces the reaction time by 50%.

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