Meetlin Group Annual Team Building----Always Together!

Meetlin Group Annual Team Building----Always Together!


The success of an enterprise is the result of the unremitting efforts and contributions of a group of people. In order to give back to the employees who have worked hard for the company for ten years, Meetlin Group holds an anniversary celebration for the employees who have worked for ten years. The "Ten Years" event is not only a recognition of the employees' ten years of merit, but also an incentive and encouragement for them. This year's event started on Jun. 14 to Jun. 15, to start the weekend mode in advance!


We visited Baizhang Rock, Love Valley, Dafo Temple and many other famous tourist attractions, and enjoyed the beautiful mountains and rivers and the natural scenery. We also tasted local specialties, such as Xinchang steamed fish head, special dumplings, old stove braised pork, etc., to let the tip of the tongue feel the charm of food. There were also various interactive games during the period. In the relaxed and enjoyable games, we felt the friendship and tacit understanding between each other, the power of unity and warmth.


"Ten-year-old" employees are the backbone of the company and valuable assets, shouldering the responsibility of connecting the past and the future. Holding the "Ten Years" anniversary celebration is a glorious tradition of our company and an important manifestation of Meetlin's respect for talents. The protagonist of this "Ten-year-old" is Lily. When talking about why she has stayed in Meetlin for ten years, Lily said: "Because there are friendly and helpful colleagues here; company's information  sharing, the generous sharing when asking colleagues for advice; there are leaders with ideals and industry pursuits to lead; there is a platform for development. As long as you work hard and diligently, you will eventually gain something, and have a sense of reward and accomplishment! In 2024, let us continue to "Meetlin together!" This is not only our common cognition and career choice, but also our team spirit. Only by focusing our hearts and minds and creating win-win situations can we lead Meetlin to go further and better together. "


Through team-building activities, we washed away our fatigue, harvested joy, and enhanced the friendship of colleagues and partners during the journey. This is not only a simple team gathering, but also an exchange of hearts and the cohesion of team strength. Hope Meetlin Group has a better and bright future!

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