Classification and Application of Tapes

Classification and Application of Tapes

In the packaging consumables industry and the electronic and electrical product processing industry, there are various types of tapes. Each type of tape is used in different industries. Each type of tape has its own characteristics and functions. Tapes are widely used in our daily lives. However, do you know where tapes are made? Do you know what types of tapes there are? Do you know the applications of various types of tapes? Now let's get to know tapes together.

What is tape?

The adhesive tape is made of BOPP original film , which is roughened on one side after high voltage corona treatment, and then coated with glue and divided into small rolls. The adhesive tape glue is acrylic glue, also called pressure-sensitive adhesive , and its main component is butyl ester.


The origin of tape

On May 30, 1928, Drew applied for a patent in the UK and the US. He developed a very light adhesive that can be pressed together. Later, after improvement, he invented transparent tape. Why can tape stick to things? Of course, it is because there is a layer of adhesive on its surface! The earliest adhesives came from animals and plants. In the 19th century, rubber was the main component of adhesives; and now various polymers are widely used. Adhesives can stick to things because their molecules form bonds with the molecules of the objects to be connected. This bond can firmly bond the molecules together.


Composition of tape

  1. Substrate : such as paper, cloth, film, etc.
  2. Support : such as release paper, release film, etc.
  3. Adhesive : such as acrylic adhesive, rubber adhesive


Classification of tape

According to the base material : it can be divided into BOPP tape, cloth-based tape , kraft paper tape , masking tape , fiber tape , PVC tape, PE foam tape, etc.

According to the scope of application : it can be divided into warning tape , carpet tape , electrical tape , protective film paper tape, winding film tape, sealing tape , module tape, etc.

According to market penetration : it can be divided into ordinary tapes and special tapes.

According to the application environment temperature : it can be divided into low temperature tape, normal temperature tape and high temperature tape.

According to the adhesiveness , it can be divided into single-sided tape and double-sided tape.


Introduction and application of several common tapes

  1. BOPP tape


BOPP tape is a tape made of BOPP film as the base material, coated with water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive and then cut into strips. It is thin, transparent in appearance, low-cost, widely used and cost-effective.

Features : strong adhesion, high tensile strength, good waterproof and weather resistance, and adaptable to a wide range of temperature differences.

Application : It can be used for packaging of various export boxes. It has strong performance and certain protective effect.


  1. Cloth-based adhesive tape



Cloth-based adhesive tape is made of mesh treated with PE resin and coated with oily pressure-sensitive adhesive to make single-sided adhesive. It has excellent initial adhesion, waterproofness and moisture resistance. It is suitable for bonding heavy items and is easy to tear.


Features : strong adhesion, easy to tear, high fatigue resistance, moisture-proof, and will not cause deformation when shearing.

Application : Suitable for packaging heavy items, can be used to protect machines from dust, moisture, scratches, etc., can be joined to carpets and protect telephone lines, widely used in industry, and can also be used for reinforcement, anti-skid, printing, silk-screen printing, hardware and electrical appliances, etc. for books and folders.


  1. Foam adhesive tape


Foam adhesive tape is made of EVA or PE foam as the base material, coated with solvent-based (or hot-melt) pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or both sides, and then coated with release paper.

Features: It has the functions of sealing and shock absorption. It has excellent sealing, compression deformation resistance, flame retardancy, wettability, etc.

Application: Products are widely used in electronic and electrical products, mechanical parts, various small household appliances, mobile phone accessories, industrial instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, auto parts, audio and video equipment, toys, cosmetics, etc.


  1. Kraft paper tape


Kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive and single-sided adhesive. It has high-strength adhesion, good weather resistance, waterproof, antifreeze, and easy to tear. It is an ideal green product.


Features : strong adhesion, high tensile strength, can be torn by hand, will not deform, no pollution, and can be recycled.

Application : paper splicing, carton sealing.


  1. Masking tape


Masking tape is a high-quality masking tape with crepe paper as the backing material and one-side coated with rubber adhesive or hot solvent. It has the characteristics of tight adhesion and easy removal. It is solvent-resistant and water-resistant, and is widely used for masking during surface spraying.


Features : Natural color, excellent consistency, strong adhesion, no residual adhesive when removed, recyclable, smooth cutting edge of the tape. No linting or tearing when unwinding.

Application : Used for laminating, sealing, color separation and pattern spraying, and for drying of spraying.


  1. PVC protective film adhesive tape


PVC protective film is made of PVC film substrate with single-sided adhesive coating. Acrylic adhesive or acrylic adhesive has excellent adhesion performance, single-sided adhesive, no residual adhesive, good masking performance, wear resistance and solvent resistance.


Features : strong tensile strength, good cold resistance and strong anti-aging performance.

Application : Suitable for surface protection of various metals, such as: "aluminum alloy, stainless steel, glass sandblasting process".


  1. Electrical tape


Electrical adhesive tape is made of soft polyvinyl chloride film coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. It has good insulation properties, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, and high flame retardancy. It is commonly used for insulation protection of electrical components and wires, and is widely used in the electronics and electrical industries.


Features : strong shrinkage elasticity, easy to tear, easy to roll, high voltage resistance, high flame retardancy, good weather resistance.

Uses : It can be used to wrap wires, air conditioning pipes, and is widely used for insulation protection in the electronic and electrical industries.


  1. Copper foil tape


Aluminum foil tape is made of aluminum foil coated with acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, one-sided adhesive, and silicone-treated release paper. It has good UV protection, some chemical protection, moisture resistance, and fire resistance. It is mainly used in refrigeration and electronics related industries.


Features : Bright silver, UV-resistant, fire-resistant, can prevent corrosion from many chemicals, suitable for outdoor use, good weather resistance.

Application : It can be used for heat and cold reflective insulation wrapping, can be used in pipelines, engine supports, can wrap wires to prevent heat, water and dust, etc., and can also be used for outdoor operations.


  1. PET double-sided tape


PET double-sided tape is made of PET double-sided coated with acrylic adhesive. The tape color is generally transparent and black. The common thickness specifications are: 0.03-0.25MM. It has good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical stability, good initial adhesion and lasting adhesion, easy die-cutting, and has good adhesion to plastics, rubber, and nameplates. It can be used in a wider temperature range and harsh environment; long-term temperature resistance of 100-120℃.


Features : Good adhesion to substrates, high bonding strength to high surface energy plastics and metal sheets, heat and water resistance, and excellent chemical resistance.

Application : Suitable for the isolation and bonding of the upper and lower circuits of membrane switches. High-performance adhesives have extremely high stability and are suitable for long-term use requirements of buttons.


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